Life's a Beach...
Sup World. Life's a Beach, so enjoy the sunshine. Whatever dark actions happens in your life, the sun will rise again. This is a blog just expressing whatever comes to mind. If your feeling the post subscribe. Peace!
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Off 3 hours early!

Have a safe Holiday weekend everyone.



     I won’t soon forget the events that took place in #ferguson…will you?

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Shout out to all my new followers!

Thank you. Don’t be afraid to hit the ask box tho.

Just thinking out loud… 8-25-14

I’m over here trying to cook a cook meal with legs that feel like jello and arms that cramp every time I lift them. Living alone sucks sometimes. I wish every once in a while I could come home to a gorgeous woman in an apron who tells me dinner is ready and to take my gym clothes off so I can shower first. Then as I head to my room i notice that my work clothes are already pressed for the next day. Shoot even when I was roommates with my friend in college it was cool because he would at least have Chinese takeout on the table to share. Am I asking for too much? I really don’t think so. Just a random thought.


Young Scooter / 2 Chainz - Life Support

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Them Dark Skin girls tho…

That OT

A 58 hour work week… I am so drained it dont even make sense. This weekend I am treating myself to a nice cigar, ice cold Jim Beam, a nice long cool shower and relaxation with some friends in front of a flat screen. Don’t tell me nothing cuz I ain’t listening.


Black Panthers | Agnès Varda | 1968

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