Life's a Beach...
Sup World. Life's a Beach, so enjoy the sunshine. Whatever dark actions happens in your life, the sun will rise again. This is a blog just expressing whatever comes to mind. If your feeling the post subscribe. Peace!
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Loving this SEC Network

More pics of the grill today. We sold everything.

This morning at Cotton Plant Day with the Frat. We where grilling and raising money for March of Dimes.

Off 3 hours early!

Have a safe Holiday weekend everyone.



     I won’t soon forget the events that took place in #ferguson…will you?

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Shout out to all my new followers!

Thank you. Don’t be afraid to hit the ask box tho.

Just thinking out loud… 8-25-14

I’m over here trying to cook a cook meal with legs that feel like jello and arms that cramp every time I lift them. Living alone sucks sometimes. I wish every once in a while I could come home to a gorgeous woman in an apron who tells me dinner is ready and to take my gym clothes off so I can shower first. Then as I head to my room i notice that my work clothes are already pressed for the next day. Shoot even when I was roommates with my friend in college it was cool because he would at least have Chinese takeout on the table to share. Am I asking for too much? I really don’t think so. Just a random thought.


Young Scooter / 2 Chainz - Life Support

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